SOC 2: Selecting a SOC 2 Auditor

Selecting a SOC 2 auditor is an important decision for any organization, as the auditor will be responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of your controls related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Here are a few criteria to consider when selecting a SOC 2 auditor:

  1. Independence: It’s important to choose an auditor that is independent and objective, as they will be evaluating your controls with a critical eye. An auditor that is affiliated with your organization or has a financial interest in the outcome of the audit may not be perceived as being independent.

Overall, selecting a SOC 2 auditor requires careful consideration of a number of factors. By choosing an auditor that is independent, expert, reputable, and communicative, you can increase the chances of a successful audit and demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity and data protection.



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