My Gravity

I have yet to pay my debt to the one in the sky, if they exist.

I’m feeling tired, wondering where you are?

Expecting you to lay next to me tonight…

I see the dust in the glare of the sunrise

Waiting for you to close the blinds, so I can sleep a little longer.

When I get myself in a picture

I just see you and me, laughing at the world.

We only need us, we don’t need the world to control us.

What is peace? Without love in it?

Love is what makes peace possible.

Do you believe you are made to love someone?

Do you believe destiny is set in stoned?

Are these words my own? or are they someone else’s?

Kingdoms are built, Kingdoms fall.

Can we build our own, without interference from up above? I do not know..

Do you think what you did yesterday, matters what you do tomorrow?

I’ve loved many many times…

My love has been different everytime, but my love for you is always in the front.

Better or for worse, I strive for better.

Even when I try to avoid the endless life of preventable mistakes.

but I’m remembering I’m only a mortal man destined to die someday.

My Love for my true love, is endless.

Are you my endless? Yes you are.

Even if I don’t get to lay next to you until my dying day.

In my darkest days, you were the light at the other end.

Down in my heart, you are the blood that flow threw my veins.

Now look inside of yours, do you see me?

Where is the miracle?

Is it You? Is it Me?

Where is the rain when you need it to the most?

I need another day for you not to leave me here alone.

I know you may never come around in this part of town,

You are pulling me towards you no matter what

You are my gravity.



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