Firewall Penetration Test Process/Checklist

  • [ ] Locate the Firewall
  • [ ] Conduct a traceroute to identify the network range
  • [ ] Port Scan the firewall
  • [ ] Grab the Banner
  • [ ] Create Custom packets and look for firewall responses
  • [ ] Test Access Control Enumeration
  • [ ] Test to identify Firewall architecture
  • [ ] Test Firewall Policy
  • [ ] Test Firewall Using the Firewalk Tool
  • [ ] Test for Port Redirection
  • [ ] Test the firewall from both sides
  • [ ] Test Covert Channels
  • [ ] Perform a Covert Firewall Test From the Outside
  • [ ] Test HTTP Tunneling
  • [ ] Test Firewall-specific vulnerabilities
  • [ ] Document Everything




Trusted Veteran | Compassionate. Aspiring. Resourceful.

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Austin Songer

Austin Songer

Trusted Veteran | Compassionate. Aspiring. Resourceful.

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