Elasticsearch Snapshots with Azure Part 4: Create Elastic Snapshot Policy

Step 1 — Click on “Snapshot and Restore” Step 2 — Select “Policies” Step 3 — Click “Create a policy” Step 4 — Fill Out Logistics Information Step 5 — Adding custom “cron” expression

59 59 05 1* ? Step 6 — Snapshot Settings For my setup I will just be going with defaults Step 7 — Snapshot Retention Snapshots for me will be deleted after 180 days Step 8 — Review Policy Step 9 — Run a snapshot to verify the setup works Step 10 — Snapshots Click on snapshots to see the snapshot you just made Step 11 — Snapshot completed Step 12 — Back in Azure Cloud You will see the backup of indices in your blob container.




Trusted Veteran | Compassionate. Aspiring. Resourceful.

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Austin Songer

Austin Songer

Trusted Veteran | Compassionate. Aspiring. Resourceful.

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